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The reality for businesses that “virtualize” servers includes lower hardware spending, fewer repair bills, and more floor space.

Are you swamped with a growing number of technology repair bills? How much do you spend on big servers that take up space in the office, expensive workstations that need constant maintenance, and increasing power bills from all your IT hardware? And things only get more costly and more cumbersome to manage as you business expands.

5 Star IT’s systems virtualization service is a simple remedy. It allows tens or hundreds of your employees to use simple, inexpensive computers at their desks to connect to their “virtualized” desktops -- their file folders, software apps, recycle bin, etc. -- which are stored on a single machine tucked away elsewhere in your office.

“Virtualization reduces office IT costs significantly, and makes managing one’s network much easier -- and we partner with industry-leading expert VMware to make it happen for our clients.”

5 Star IT’s desktop and server Virtualization service provides a boatload of benefits to small businesses:

  • Lower IT Costs - You can use low-spec computers because all the work is being done by the virtual machine
  • Improved Performance - Virtualization results in faster computers and faster-moving data across your network
  • Easy Implementation - Unlike some new technologies, virtualizing computers and servers is easy with VMware
  • Green Technology - Cutting back on electricity not only saves you money, but also reduces your carbon footprint
  • Peace of Mind - Updates, upgrades, and other hardware and software upkeep goes much more smoothly with 5 Star IT handling it
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