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vCIO Service

Just like sales, marketing, and accounting, your IT department needs a comprehensive strategy to make sure it runs efficiently.

Most businesses in New York and New Jersey can only dream of hiring a full-time CIO and paying the high-level salary he or she would command. But with the vCIO (“virtual” CIO) service from 5 Star IT, you can enjoy the same technical expertise and commitment to optimizing your technology, but without the prohibitive overhead costs.

Just as you might outsource payroll processing, legal representation, or logistics services, a vCIO is one way to enlist outside expertise for the purpose of aligning your office technology and business goals. It provides small-business owners with a high-level, big-picture perspective on IT that’s developed over years of practice.

“5 Star IT measures its success by how much our customers’ IT improve as a result of our technical support services. And in our experience, a vCIO is one of the best ways to move one’s business forward.”

Our vCIO service provides businesses with an array of productivity-enhancing features:

  • Introductory Consultation - To learn your business needs in-depth, prior to customizing your vCIO program
  • Process Improvement Mindset - Our vCIO personnel have long histories of implementing new IT solutions across different industries
  • Technical Expertise - Executive-level recommendations, tools, and strategies that ensure robust and always available network and servers
  • Enhanced Security - Ongoing reviews of your business systems ensure you’re never vulnerable to hackers’ malware attacks
  • Regular Reporting - Your key stakeholders will receive ongoing status updates and partake in quarterly meetings to evaluate business-IT synergies
  • Apple
  • pfSense
  • Microsoft
  • Redhat Linux