Programming Services

Custom Line-of-Business Applications

Our developers’ experience across many verticals allows them to design and deploy software integrations tailormade for your organization.

Line of Business (LOB) applications are software tools that help companies keep their operations running smoothly. They include programs for accounting, project management, supply chain management, and human resources -- such as QuickBooks, Trello, SalesForce, and Microsoft Dynamics -- and they offer an array of features that help businesses operate efficiently.

But for companies that cater to niche clients or work with customers whose specialization is constantly evolving, off-the-shelf LOB software doesn’t always effectively track all the data that needs to be tracked. That’s when they call on 5 Star IT for our customized LOB applications that meet all their operational needs with easy-to-use software integrations.

“5 Star IT Solutions believes the best software solutions come from collaborating on ideas, and if you can dream it up we can work together on developing a clean, cost-effective, productivity-enhancing solution.”

Our Custom Line-of-Business Applications work for office, cloud, and mobile, with features including:

  • Collaborative design & budget schemes
  • Dedicated developers & project managers
  • Robust quality control and rollout procedures
  • Seamless integrations with your existing applications
  • In-house or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) deployments
  • Apple
  • pfSense
  • Microsoft
  • Redhat Linux