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Internet Marketing Services

We help companies lacking the resources necessary to create engaging email, social media, and blogging campaigns on their own.

A whole lot goes into crafting a successful internet marketing strategy. Unfortunately, not every business can pull it off, and when they can’t they’re at risk of being passed over by the competition. So if you feel like your company’s online presence is missing the mark, it might be a good time to consider what 5 Star IT can do for you.

Our expertise extends to website design, content creation, SEO, an array of digital media strategies, and robust monitoring & analytics. When combined, these can transform the way consumers view your business. No matter your industry, you’ll be at the controls of a new, more powerful vehicle designed to facilitate a more sophisticated online presence.

“5 Star IT’s integrated internet marketing solutions are guided by cutting-edge technology tools and an in-depth understanding of not only how websites and SEO work, but of our clients’ products, services, and growth objectives.”

Our Internet Marketing Services will help you expand your client base, with features and functionality that include:

  • Websites that tell your story and keep visitors engaged
  • “High click” SEO schemes that greatly increase organic traffic
  • Social media campaigns that significantly increase direct traffic
  • Customized content for web copy, blogs, retargeting ads, and more
  • Rich data capture and analytics allow for more prudent decision making
  • Apple
  • pfSense
  • Microsoft
  • Redhat Linux